Gifting Ideas – DIY Project

You have last seen Alishka Varde Singh in Jaane tu..Ya jaane na & Jhoota Hi Sahi & when she is not acting she is busy with events or creating new fun things. She is probably one of the most creative people i know & i had to ask her to share  a nice DIY project for you readers.Here she tells us what you can do with Papers, ribbons, flowers & bows.
You could be giving a gift for any occasion, a birthday, a wedding but what’s most important  is the accessories one can make for decorating the gift.

I pulled out everything yellow and gray I had in my stationary cupboard and took some white kite paper as a base and got super creative with some great gift wrapping ideas!

One: My all time favorite felt fabric is back in action….I had some lovely sunshine yellow and some beautiful gray.

Along with some gray satin ribbon I decided to gift wrap a book!
So to start with, you need to cut a rectangle piece with rounded edges of your bow fabric and a small piece of a contrasting color to bind it (Image 1). Fold the rectangle like an accordion and fix the binding fabric by stitching it in place (Image 2). Now I tried sticking with fevicol as it seemed like the easier choice, but felt doesn’t stick together, and fabric glue didn’t work either, so I stuck to stitching!
That’s what your bow will look like (Image 3)
Next you need to wrap up your gift. A little secret is to use double sided tape instead of regular one so that it looks more tidy!
I used double sided for the ribbon as well which may not be the smartest idea but it looks very neat.So use it but make sure you press it tightly in place and use some in between as well.
And now for the final touches!
Mark out where you want the bow on the second ribbon, and stitch it in place (Image 1 and 2). It will look like Image 3 and
Ta-da your bow gift wrap is done!
Two: Paper flowers
While I’m creating I get different materials together that I think will work perfectly, But during the process I’ll eliminate some and add some. With this one I finally didn’t use the pom pom ribbon or the buttons.
This is one of the easiest flowers ever.
Use any round object the size of the flower you want and mark your circle.
Fold the paper to get the most circles you can. Cut out your circles and then cut slits into them, but make sure you don’t go too close to the center.
Divide your circles to make your flowers, the more you use the fluffier your flower, I used four circles per flower.
Now start sticking them together with just a drop of glue on each layer.
I traded the buttons for these pearls, I think they look far prettier don’t you think?!
Now have fun with layering. First just place all your objects and see what kind of placement you like and then start sticking.
I used a doiley, a gray and white polka dotted fabric tape (you get these at Virat Paper Mart near Bandra station as well as Something Special at Hill Road), along with my flowers.
Well that ends my Yellow Gray and White gift wrapping ideas bit but go experiment with different colours & make your gifts more personalised!

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