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Rati Agrawal

If born in the 80s you could have imagined me wearinga flapper dress strutting down the street with a feather boa and pearls dangling all around. The heavily lined eyes scrutinizing everything around. In the 21st century the flapper dress would be a bit dramatic, so I express all my drama out on the paper. I am a writer, fashionholic and crazy about books. The love of the word and Shakespeare makes me want to write forever. Romantic to the core, my dream is to wear “the” Marilyn Monroe dress, eat breakfast at tiffany’s and finally have an affair to remember.


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481898_10152463351785106_1747660799_nAnwesha Mandal

A fashion photographer by profession, when I am not shooting models or modeling myself, I am drowning myself in the world of cinema. Crazy fashion & anything unconventional fascinates me. Always looking to discover new styles & interesting point of views, I will introduce people from different fields with unique visions to you. I dress my mood & pick up one of a kind pieces wherever I go and travel excites me while nature calms me. I believe everyone is beautiful in their own way so I encourage dressing your personality than following trends blindly.

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Together at Lemon Chutney, we share everything we love and will keep you updated with the latest lifestyle news from movies, books, food,art to all things fashion & Bollywood. As much as we love to share with you, we also love to hear back from you, so do send us your comments, feedback or even a general Hello if you like. 🙂 And Keep it stylish! xx


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